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The personal capsule of Rubén Beltrán del Río

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Do, A task manager for iOS and MacOS that makes you write a journal entry when the task is done.
Map, A MacOS app that lets you create wardley maps using text.
lyricli, A command line lyrics fetcher.
lyricli source code.


Serpentity, an entity-component-system framework for JavaScript.
Grafn, flow based programming library for javascript.
Cologne, log multiplexer for javascript with no dependencies.
Patterns, MacPaint style pattern views for SwiftUI


Flat Bezel.qsplugin

A UI Plugin for quicksilver

Flat Bezel Homepage

API Notation

A syntax for notating component APIs in a way that's easy to embed in text documents.

API Notation definition
Syntax for vim
Syntax for vscode
Syntax for atom
Syntax for sublime text

NGINX Office Hours

A victory for the server's labor rights: An nginx module that allows you to serve your content only during office hours.



Direct Download

You can download music I've made via SFTP.

password: 8SBF7Lv#k7



To listen online, you can also find it in the world wide web.

Apple Music

More of my things

Pictures I've taken
Social Media™


Page (2023): A static website generator.
Gemlog entry about page.

Prompt (2021): Drawing prompts on demand.
(Prompt source)

Corona Regeln (2021): Up-to-date corona rules for Berlin. Refresh frequently.
(Corona Regeln source)

Flower (2018): 🌹🌸🌺💐🌼🌻🌷 draw a flower rotating a cube 🌷🌻🌼💐🌺🌸🌹

Sorting Hat & Renderer (2017): Reads your brain and places you in a category based on your mental activity
(Sorting Hat Renderer source)

Dasein (2017): Ephemeral posts experiment: the posts stay alive as the conversation continues, but disappear shortly after activity stops.

Frames (2017): 🆒

Dead Drop (2017, Spanish): Marca un número de 📞 y deja un mensaje secreto, o escucha algo al azar.

telnet barthes.unlimited.pizza 7777 (2016): a random work of ansi art. Better with 24-bit enabled terminals.
(Tomato sauce source)

LGTM (2016): Looks Good To Me! 👍
(lgtm source)

Heart (2016): ❤️💜💙💛💚

Generador de Insultos (2015, Spanish): Un generador de insultos multi-usos que te da un insulto nuevo cada vez que lo cargas.
(generador de insultos source)

Grita (2010, Spanish): Comparte texto anónimamente y distribuyelo con QR codes y URLs cortas.

Polarity (2009): Top-down arena shooter game with magnetism.

Pico Engine (2009): Platform game engine with lua scripting.


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