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Link: The first conformant M1 GPU driver

The first conformant M1 GPU driver
Conformant OpenGL® ES 3.1 drivers are now available for M1- and M2-family GPUs.

To become conformant, an “implementation” must pass the official conformance test suite, designed to verify every feature in the specification. The test results are submitted to Khronos, the standards body. After a 30-day review period, if no issues are found, the implementation becomes conformant. The Khronos website lists all conformant implementations, including our drivers for the M1, M1 Pro/Max/Ultra, M2, and M2 Pro/Max.

The work the Asahi team is doing is simply incredible! I’ve been using the arch based flavor for a while now, and it’s been a great experience. I replaced i3 with sway now that hardware acceleration is working properly and it’s very smooth. Linux is blazing fast in Apple Silicon machines.

I know there’s still a lot of work to do, and I’m very thankful to the Asahi team for all of the effort. Can’t wait to see how it continues!

If you haven’t tried it, I recommend you give it a go!

Link: 🏕️ DWeb debrief: 10 new apps for groups & communities.

🏕️ DWeb debrief: 10 new apps for groups & communities.

I love seeing how different apps are approaching community building, and this list is great!

Hylo is an up & coming community platform with a powerful ‘holonic’ structure that enables coordination within and across groups. It’s run as a non-profit so they don’t have built-in incentives to design for addiction, and their code base is fully open-source.

I like the idea of having communities that can then share and connect with a larger group. It's unfortunate that it's not decentralized like some of the ones below, but it also looks more mature.

Futureproof, Neighbourhoods, and We are three separate projects building decentralized community platforms with high levels of community-control and modularity.

I was unaware of Holochain[1] but it's interesting, it reminds me of scuttlebutt but with more of a focus on giving non-tech folks the benefit of a distributed environment. I tried setting up a group with We and it seems simple enough: not many applets yet, but already I can see why I'd rather use a tool like this to organize, rather than a cloud-hosted service.

[1] Holochain

Group Income is a brand new product from the non-profit OkTurtles that makes it easy for groups of friends & communities to create a basic income for themselves among one another. [2]

This is a really cool idea! It seems a bit sparse in details as it's being built up, but I'll keep an eye on this, as it has a lot of potential to change how groups of friends can organize and create a better economic safety net.

[2] Group Income

There's a few other good projects in the post, but I still have to go through them and try the services. Definitely check them all out!

Link: On-by-default Edge feature seems to be sending all the URLs you visit to Bing

On-by-default Edge feature seems to be sending all the URLs you visit to Bing
Microsoft's Edge browser has a relatively recent on-by-default feature that allows you to "follow content creators" in Edge itself.
The problem is that this feature may be sending information about every single site you visit in Edge to Microsoft.

I feel there’s been a lot of attempts to rehabilitate Microsoft recently, especially from tech people that are all in with Microsoft tooling, but it shouldn’t surprise anyone to see this behavior.

the feature intended to only notify Bing when you were on specific sites you had elected to follow but that "it doesn’t appear to be working correctly, instead sending nearly every domain you visit to Bing."

sure, bugs happen, but just as well it might have been left there until someone called it out. I’d rather my browser not send *anything* without explicit consent