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Link: On-by-default Edge feature seems to be sending all the URLs you visit to Bing

On-by-default Edge feature seems to be sending all the URLs you visit to Bing
Microsoft's Edge browser has a relatively recent on-by-default feature that allows you to "follow content creators" in Edge itself.
The problem is that this feature may be sending information about every single site you visit in Edge to Microsoft.

I feel there’s been a lot of attempts to rehabilitate Microsoft recently, especially from tech people that are all in with Microsoft tooling, but it shouldn’t surprise anyone to see this behavior.

the feature intended to only notify Bing when you were on specific sites you had elected to follow but that "it doesn’t appear to be working correctly, instead sending nearly every domain you visit to Bing."

sure, bugs happen, but just as well it might have been left there until someone called it out. I’d rather my browser not send *anything* without explicit consent

Link: SourceHut's 2022 Financial report

SourceHut's 2022 Financial report
In summary, SourceHut continues to be sustainable, profitable, and growing. We continued to grow YoY between 2021 and 2022. We were able to make some significant investments, particularly in establishing a new datacenter presence in Europe, and we intend to expand this investment over the course of 2023 and 2024, and we have plenty of capital to invest in this and other business initiatives.

I’m happy to read this, sourcehut is a pleasure to use and I love its simplicity and how it goes against modern maximalist software trends. (not to mention the gemini support :P)

Users who contribute to projects owned by others are not expected to pay, and users who wish to own resources but cannot afford the subscription fee will be offered financial aid.

This, and the current honor system billings where you’re expected to pay according to your means while still getting the same experience is one of those things that make sourcehut a nicer project.


I really hope sourcehut has another successful year, and you should consider it if you’re looking to move out of github (either because of their problematic relationship to policing and immigration[1], or their turn to proprietary software[2])

[1] policing and immigration
[2] proprietary software

Incomplete thoughts on cognitive diversity

I'm currently reading about the ways in which cognitive diversity leads to better problem solving, and methods through which we can make this effect larger.

One of the results that I've found more interesting is by Kevin J. S. Zollman [1]: limiting information can lead to more accurate results. "Bad Information" tends to spread less in networks with more restricted connections, while networks that are highly connected tend to be much faster.

I can the slow-but-accurate model is preferable in long-term foundational projects or strategic decisionmaking, while the highly connected one works when we want to address experiments quickly (even converging multiple times and testing different hypotheses).

I'd like to try some of these networks and see how well it works in practice.

[1] Zollman (2010)