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The personal capsule of Rubén Beltrán del Río

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Do, a task manager for iOS and MacOs that makes you write a journal entry when the task is done.


Map, A MacOS app that lets you create wardley maps using text.


Ritmo, An iOS and MacOS app that helps you maintain a healthy balance.


Lyricli, a command line tool to print the lyrics of your current Apple Music or Spotify track

lyricli source code.


Patterns, MacPaint style pattern views for SwiftUI

Patterns source code

Serpentity, an entity-component-system framework for Javascript

Serpentity source code
Serpentity Shared Library source code

Grafn, flow based programming library for javascript.

Grafn source code

Cologne, log multiplexer for javascript with no dependencies.

Cologne source code


Flat Bezel.qsplugin

A UI Plugin for quicksilver

Flat Bezel Homepage

API Notation

A syntax for notating component APIs in a way that's easy to embed in text documents.

API Notation definition
Syntax for vim
Syntax for vscode
Syntax for atom
Syntax for sublime text

NGINX Office Hours

A victory for the server's labor rights: An nginx module that allows you to serve your content only during office hours.



A browser extension that lets you start audio calls on any URL.



Direct Download

You can download music I've made via SFTP.

password: 8SBF7Lv#k7



To listen online, you can also find it in the world wide web.

Apple Music

More of my things

📷 Pictures I've taken
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Page (2023): A static website generator.

Gemlog entry about page.
Page source code

Prompt (2021): Drawing prompts on demand.

Prompt source code

Corona Regeln (2021): Up-to-date corona rules for Berlin. Refresh frequently.

Corona Regeln source code

Flower (2018): 🌹🌸🌺💐🌼🌻🌷 draw a flower rotating a cube 🌷🌻🌼💐🌺🌸🌹


Sorting Hat & Renderer (2017): Reads your brain and places you in a category based on your mental activity

Sorting hat source
Sorting hat renderer source code

Dasein (2017): Ephemeral posts experiment: the posts stay alive as the conversation continues, but disappear shortly after activity stops.

Dasein source code

Frames (2017): 🆒


Dead Drop (2017, Spanish): Marca un número de 📞 y deja un mensaje secreto, o escucha algo al azar.

Dead Drop source code

Tomato Sauce (2016): a random work of ansi art via telnet. Better with 24-bit enabled terminals.

telnet barthes.unlimited.pizza 7777
Tomato Sauce source code

LGTM (2016): Looks Good To Me! 👍

lgtm source code

Heart (2016): ❤️💜💙💛💚


Generador de Insultos (2015, Spanish): Un generador de insultos multi-usos que te da un insulto nuevo cada vez que lo cargas.

generador de insultos source code

Grita (2010, Spanish): Comparte texto anónimamente y distribuyelo con QR codes y URLs cortas.

grita source code

Polarity (2009): Top-down arena shooter game with magnetism.


Pico Engine (2009): Platform game engine with lua scripting.

pico source code


Additional Services

This domain hosts a mirror of my git repositories, available on https[1] or gemini[2]

[1] https git mirror
[2] gemini git mirror

🔬 You can check the status of the running services in our https[1] and gemini[2] service monitor

[1] https monitor
[2] gemini monitor