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lyricli (lrc)

Command line tool that shows lyrics for your currently playing song in the command line

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You may need to allow the plugin to run in "Privacy & Security" in your system settings.

Install from Homebrew

You can install using homebrew. For direct binaries see below.

$ brew tap rbdr/apps git@git.sr.ht:~rbdr/homebrew-apps
$ brew install lyricli


[1] lrc (universal)
[2] lrc (arm64)
[3] lrc (x86_64)


Running without arguments will try to detect your current song in apple music or spotify

You can run it with artist name and song name to fetch it manually

$ lrc artist_name song_name

You can view help with the h / help flag

$ lrc -h
$ lrc --help

Managing Sources

By default it comes with spotify and apple music sources enabled, you can disable sources using:

$ lrc -d (source_name)
$ lrc --disable-source (source_name)

You can enable the source again using

$ lrc -e (source_name)
$ lrc --enable-source (source_name)

You can list all the sources with:

$ lrc -l
$ lrc --list-sources

All Versions

lrc 2.0.1 - Fixes a segfault when there are n1 results, and incorrect behavior when results are not songs.

lrc 2.0.1 (universal)
lrc 2.0.1 (arm64)
lrc 2.0.1 (x86_64)

lrc 2.0.0 - Rebuilt to use swift 5.8 and work with the genius API instead of defunct LyricsWiki

lrc 2.0.0 (universal)
lrc 2.0.0 (arm64)
lrc 2.0.0 (x86_64)