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Minimum Window Sizes of Mac Apps

I use tiled window managers, and some layouts work better with smaller windows, but not all mac apps can do that so this is a collection of minimum window sizes of different apps to help me find which ones are better suited for my workflow.

I use the following thresholds:


  • Arc: MEDIUM, 470px
  • Firefox: MEDIUM, 450px
  • Google Chrome: MEDIUM, 500px
  • Lagrange: MEDIUM, 425px
  • Qutebrowser: TINY, 128px
  • Safari: LARGE, 575px

Calendars and Contacts

  • Calendar: LARGE, 639px
  • Cardhop: SMALL, 350px
  • Contacts: MEDIUM, 498px
  • Fantastical: MEDIUM, 500px; Day view only, Week (510px), Month (516px), Quarter (524px), and Year (504px) are LARGE, though may vary by toolbar icons visible.


Developer Tools

  • Console: LARGE, 600px
  • Dash: LARGE, 800px
  • Hex Fiend: TINY, 173px
  • Script Debugger: MEDIUM, 500px
  • RapidAPI: LARGE, 660px
  • SQLPro Studio: LARGE, 600px
  • SF Symbols: MEDIUM, 467px
  • Sloth: HUGE, 853px
  • Thony: TINY, 73px
  • WorldWideWeb: MEDIUM, 480px


  • Map: TINY, 116px
  • Monodraw: LARGE, 700px
  • OmniGraffle: HUGE, 865px

Document and Book Readers

  • Adobe Digital Editions: LARGE, 700px
  • Books: MEDIUM, 500px; Only when reading, the main window (1000px) is HUGE
  • Calibre: TINY, 74px; Only when reading, the main window (570px) is LARGE
  • Marked: SMALL, 400px
  • Preview: LARGE, 708px


File Managers

  • Finder: SMALL, 316px; Without sidebar, otherwise MEDIUM at 446px
  • Transmission: SMALL, 350px
  • Transmit: HUGE, 880px
  • VeraCrypt: LARGE, 699px

Home and Automation

  • Automator: MEDIUM, 500px
  • Home: LARGE, 515px
  • Shortcuts: LARGE, 750px


  • Android Studio: SMALL, 340px; Welcome window (800px) is LARGE
  • Max 8: TINY, 118px
  • Xcode: HUGE, 960px



  • Acorn: LARGE, 800px
  • Affinity Designer 2: MEDIUM, 500px; Preferences (800px) is LARGE and Account (1078px) is HUGE
  • Affinity Photo 2: MEDIUM, 500px; Preferences (800px) is LARGE and Account (1078px) is HUGE
  • Affinity Publisher 2: MEDIUM, 500px; Preferences (800px) is LARGE and Account (1078px) is HUGE
  • Blender: SMALL, 320px
  • Dark Room: HUGE, 900px
  • Glyphs Mini: MEDIUM, 450px
  • Paintbrush: TINY, 200px; Though it has floating windows
  • Photomator: HUGE, 980px
  • Photos: LARGE, 750px
  • Pixelmator Pro: LARGE, 800px
  • Sketch: LARGE, 800px

Instant Messaging / Chat / Social Media

  • Adium: TINY, 73px friend list, 200px chat; Some themes scroll at 200px
  • Discord: HUGE, 940px
  • Facetime: LARGE, 672px
  • Ivory: SMALL, 378px
  • Keybase: LARGE, 740px
  • Last.fm Scrobbler: LARGE, 540px
  • Messages: MEDIUM, 434px
  • Signal: LARGE, 680px
  • Slack: LARGE, 668px
  • Telegram: MEDIUM, 380px
  • Textual: MEDIUM, 342px
  • We: TINY, 74px



  • App Store: HUGE, 1000px
  • Setapp: HUGE, 1100px
  • Steam: HUGE, 1008px


  • Calculator: TINY, 232px; Programmer (398px) is SMALL, Scientific (574px) is LARGE
  • PCalc: SMALL, 380px
  • Numi: SMALL, 310px
  • Soulver: LARGE, 730px


  • Bear: SMALL, 300px; With Notes (570px) and Tags (752px) it's LARGE
  • Notes: MEDIUM, 500px
  • Obsidian: TINY, 200px
  • Stickies: TINY, 54px

Office Software

  • iAPresenter: LARGE, 700px
  • Keynote: LARGE, 540px
  • Numbers: LARGE, 540px; The new window (760px) is also LARGE
  • OmniPlan: LARGE, 740px
  • Pages: LARGE, 640px


Media Players

  • IINA: SMALL, 286px
  • Music: HUGE, 980px
  • Odio: HUGE, 1000px
  • Play: HUGE, 870px
  • Podcasts: HUGE, 1000px
  • QuickTime Player: SMALL, 326px
  • Swinsian: HUGE, 870px


  • Mail: LARGE, 550px; Only in column layout, otherwise 610px

Music Making

  • Ableton Live: LARGE, 800px
  • Capo: LARGE, 777px
  • GarageBand: SMALL, 400px
  • Logic Pro: SMALL, 400px
  • MuseScore: HUGE, 1050px
  • Reason: HUGE, 972px; The Reason companion is 1200px

News Readers / Bookmarks

  • NetNewsWire: LARGE, 585px
  • News: HUGE, 860px
  • Pins: LARGE, 515px
  • Reeder: SMALL, 320px
  • Unison: LARGE, 800px


Password Managers

  • 1password: LARGE, 784px
  • Bitwarden: LARGE, 680px
  • KeePassX: LARGE, 558px
  • Secrets: LARGE, 603px

Task Managers

  • Do: TINY, 180px
  • Reminders: SMALL, 350px
  • Ritmo: TINY, 85px
  • Things: SMALL, 400px

Terminal Emulators

  • iTerm 2: TINY, 70px; Size depends on font, I got down to 7 columns
  • Kitty: TINY, 22px; Size depends on font, I got down to 2 columns
  • Terminal: TINY, 190px; Size depends on font, I got down to 20 columns

Text Editors

  • Atom: TINY, 73px
  • BBEdit: SMALL, 311px
  • Byword: SMALL, 350px
  • Inky: SMALL, 350px
  • Nova: MEDIUM, 480px
  • Scrivener: SMALL, 316px
  • Sublime Text: TINY, 91px
  • TextEdit: TINY, 159px; Can go smaller, but not for very long.
  • Ulysses: LARGE, 555px
  • Visual Studio Code: SMALL, 400px



  • Activity Monitor: LARGE, 740px
  • Clock: LARGE, 600px
  • CrystalFetch: LARGE, 800px
  • DaisyDisk: LARGE, 800px
  • Dictionary: SMALL, 400px
  • Find My: HUGE, 980px
  • Flighty: LARGE, 515px
  • Font Book: SMALL, 350px
  • Freeform: LARGE, 600px
  • GPG Keychain: MEDIUM, 470px
  • HP Smart: HUGE, 1024px
  • Logitech G Hub: HUGE, 1024px
  • Malwarebytes: HUGE, 888px
  • Maps: LARGE, 660px
  • ObinsKit: HUGE, 1200px
  • Parcel: LARGE, 722px
  • Photo Booth: LARGE, 600px
  • CleanMyMacX: HUGE, 1120px
  • Gemini: HUGE, 1152px
  • Typeface: MEDIUM, 440px
  • Stocks: HUGE, 860px
  • Voice Memos: LARGE, 752px
  • Weather: HUGE 985px

Video Editing / Streaming

  • DaVinci Resolve: HUGE, 1445px
  • iMovie: HUGE, 1280px
  • OBS: HUGE, 867px


  • NordVPN: HUGE, 902px